May Day at Chalet School

May blossom

May is the old fashioned name for Hawthorn.  This wonderful small tree grows in our hedgerows and is laden with the most beautiful blossom in May.  It looks like it is dripping from the branches!  It is no wonder people have always used the blossoms to celebrate Spring and the fertile time of year, making decorations and garlands to go around doors, but never inside as that was thought unlucky.

We have lots of May growing in the Chalet School garden where we had a wonderful whole school May celebration.  The children joined a procession around the school, carrying decorated arches and wearing crowns they had made, to the sounds of the Floral Dance.  They came into the garden through the willow arch made and decorated by Turtle and Seahorse classes.  In the garden the children danced around the maypole, made green man faces from clay decorated with leaves and nuts found in the garden, made wands from willow, followed the green man picture trail and generally made lots of noise and had fun.  The staff all enjoyed it to!  

Ruth Parsons