Growing at Goddard

Innogy at Goddard Park

Everyone has gone growing mad at Goddard Park!  The children love growing things so much we have had to ask volunteers to come and help us make more space!  Volunteers from Nationwide came to spruce up old planters and improve the Nursery garden, making sure the children will have a plentiful supply of strawberries.  Good-natured Innogy staff, including 4 from Germany, braved heavy rain and made four new raised beds for the vegetable garden using timber paid for with a grant generously given by the Wiltshire Gardens Trust.  They also mended the poly tunnel and the rain-catcher which supplies the water for the poly-tunnel.  It supplied quite a lot that day!  The year 5 Gardening Gang were thrilled with the beds and by the  end of the next day had filled them with compost and planted them up with vegetable seeds and plants they had grown from seed in the poly-tunnel.   They planted carrot seeds together with marigolds to keep the carrot flies off (and look nice), Another bed is full of cabbage and purple french bean seedlings.  Beetroot and lettuce should thrive in another and the fourth is for wildflowers we have grown from seed to encourage more bees and butterflies to the garden.  We have grown purple vetch, devil's bit scabious and ivy leaved toadflax from seeds given to us by John Ball who runs Swindon Flowers for Bees and Butterflies.  We hope to grow more to plant at school and to share.  The wonderful after school Family Gardening Club made another two raised beds and planted loads of sunflower seeds in pots.  When they are large enough we will plant them all around the school as they always make people smile!  I wonder which one will be the tallest?

Ruth Parsons