Spring at Southfield School

At Southfield School year 5 pupils have been very busy planting seeds in trays in the bottle house ready to put into the allotments in April. They have also planted chitted potatoes including some unusual purple, blue and red ones bought from the Potato Day sale run by the Swindon Allotment and Leisure Garden Association.  They are looking forward to eating blue crisps which we will make with the harvest. The children have also been adding to our new minibeast hotel which we are making next to the allotments to encourage more pollinating insects.  One class made a floor of bedrooms with soft beds made from dried grass on bits of broken pot and tubes to shelter in made from sunflower and fennel stalks dried after last year.  The other class made a gym and games floor using sticks and leaves collected from the woodland.  They showed great imagination and got very enthusiastic.  Even writing "Trip Advisor" reviews when they got back to class.  They want to make a helipad on the roof of the hotel!  

The Family Gardening Club who meet after school on Thursdays have been getting the beds ready; removing the black plastic that stopped weeds growing over winter and making paths between the beds, they have also planted potatoes and broad beans. One parent manages the B&Q garden centre in Swindon and kindly gave us some new gooseberry bushes. Gardening club is great fun, families learn about growing fruit and vegetables and help with some of the gardening jobs in return for a share in the produce.  So far this year there hasn't been much produce, just the last of the carrots and some rhubarb but come summer we are hoping there will be tonnes! More families are always welcome to join us.

Ruth Parsons