Easter celebrations in Chalet School Garden

At the Chalet School the lovely fruit, vegetable and wildlife garden plays a vital role in the learning journey of the children.  Curriculum learning is supported and enriched and life skills are gained.  Throughout their time at Chalet the children learn the whole process from seed to plate.  They grow plants from seed in the poly-tunnel or raised beds, grow on and care for the fruit and vegetables and herbs and harvest them, often cooking them in the pizza oven or on a fire and eating them in the garden.  All the children also take part in Forest School where they learn and discover through activities and play in our woodland wildlife garden.

On April 1st 29 members of Chalet School families enjoyed a lovely sunny morning in the garden hunting for Easter eggs, making tree monsters and weaving willow magic wands at an event run by Woodland Learning.  A great time was had by all.  Families are able to relax and enjoy the beautiful garden and each other's company in the safe environment where the children can be free to explore and play in their own way.  The next family event will be on May 13th from 10 - 12 here we will be making bread and baking it in the pizza oven.

The theme for classes visiting the garden last term was traditional stories.  Each week a fun version of a fairy tale was told to the children in the willow dome and then different activities took place for the children to enjoy.  For Goldilocks we made porridge on a fire and made beds - one is pictured above; for Hansel and Grettel we followed trails through the wood and for Little Red Riding Hood ( Little Blue Riding Hood , a gang of 9 year old boys in blue rain jackets in our story!) we made dinners for the wolf using our mud kitchen so he wouldn't go around eating old ladies and little girls!  We also did lots of gardening; planting seeds in trays in the poly-tunnel; chitting and planting potatoes; planting onions and garlic in our new raised beds.  The son of a member of staff who loves the garden more than any other works at Wyvale Garden Centre and kindly donated fruit bushes and strawberry plants and lots of herbs to us. These have now been planted and well protected as there so many birds and squirrels with a liking for fruit at school!

The School enjoys close links with the local community, especially St Timothy's Church.  We were invited to make a display for the Church open day on an Easter theme.  All the children decorated a cardboard egg writing or drawing a picture showing what they liked best about school. We had great fun in the garden cutting a hazel branch and mounting it in a decorated pot to hang all the eggs on.  We made a lovely colourful display which we are told visitors to the Church enjoyed seeing.  The display is now in the entrance hall to the school. 

Ruth Parsons